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Added on 18-Dec-2011

Adam Lambert recently looked back on his performances with Queen and revealed that he plans to sing with the band again in the future.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Adam Lambert mentioned that he’ll sing with Queen again at some point in the future after sharing the stage with the band on the American Idol finale in 2009 and at the MTV European Music Awards in 2011. “We will definitely perform together again,” said Lambert. “Standing in for Freddie [Mercury] feels natural for me.”

Beyond Queen, Adam Lambert also discussed his upcoming new album called Trespassing, which Lambert described as more up-tempo in nature thanks to meeting his boyfriend, Sauli earlier this year. Lambert explained that prior to meeting Sauli, he was exhausted and in a much darker state of mind.

Trespassing by Adam Lambert hits store shelves on March 20.

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