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Added on 02-Apr-2009

Alex Roots has said that her music is influenced by rock band Queen rather than the female '80s acts to whom she is often compared.

The 'Fake' singer told thelondonpaper that she has a pop-rock sound and does not use electro beats like many of her contemporaries.

Roots said: "I'm not going to lie and say that my parents brought me up on those sorts of '80s acts [Cyndi Lauper and Lene Lovich] - it was much more likely to be Queen.

"'Don't Stop Looking' is really influenced by Queen. It's been great learning about all these people. Lene Lovich - I think she's just mental. I've researched loads of people that I've been compared to."

She added that she listened to Britney Spears, Steps and S Club Juniors when she was growing up.


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