Added on 09-Sep-2000 is offering a great deal for the Freddie Box Set...The English Amazon site is offering the best deal for the Freddie Mercury Box Set thus far.

I ordered my set for 85 pounds. This excludes VAT (sales tax) because i am an international purchaser. People in the UK would have to pay 99 pounds as this tax is applicable.

Even with express-courier charges (not just standard air mail) of 18 pounds it is still under the price for just the book set offered on other web sites. In this instance, the delivery is to Australia.

My order run down is as follows:

1 of: Solo Collection + 2dvd(Pal) [Audio CD]

By: Freddie Mercury

Not yet released by publisher £84.25

1 of: Solo [Audio CD]

By: Freddie Mercury

Not yet released by publisher £12.76

Item(s) Subtotal:

Delivery Charge:

Total Before VAT:








This price in US dollars is 165.372. 1 pound is approximately 1.5 dollars.

Without priority shipping, Amazon was only charging 3 pounds for delivery - this may be a mistake.


Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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