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INTERESTING letter from a gentleman in the latest edition of Classic Rock magazine.* It says "excellent review of the new Def Leppard album. I agree that the great track Love sounds like Queen. However the Queen track it has most in common with is not We Are the Champions but Jealousy from the 1978 Jazz album”.

The letter is from Andy Gregory (Dream of Icarus).

Nobody in the current Wigan team will be singing We Are The Champions in the near future but if anyone is entitled to it's Andy Gregory.

Last time I'd heard, the legendary fridge-shaped scrum-half was in charge of Blackpool Panthers then he was savaged by a rottweiler.

I'm not sure which of those is worse but I will hazard a guess who came off second best in the man/dog skirmish.

At the time Greg said: "I had to fight the dog and punched it several times in the face to make it let go."

I seem to recall him saying something similar when he's finished piling into Les Boyd and Kurt Sorenson.

But Greg a closet Freddie Mercury lover? Surely not. And what's all that Dream of Icarus nonsense?

It's clearly an imposter emerging briefly from his latest torn Terry Pratchett novel to make contact with the outside world.

There's only one Andy Gregory in my world. And he's not a Queen fan.

*It was in the dentist's waiting room/a friend lent me it/I'm sad - delete where applicable.

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