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Added on 03-Dec-1999

An article giving light to the Roger and Debbie saga has appeared in a British tabloid.Note: The Queen Internet Zone doesn't necessarily support such stories, but for those that do - here it is. The price of fame...

Queen Star, the lap dancer and a crazy little thing called lust


Queen start Roger Taylor drummed up a secret affair with a wriggling lap dancer as his cosy family life with Cadbury Flake girl Debbie Leng started to crumble.

On their first night of stolen sex. Fay Lawrence played world-wide smash I Want To Break Free on a stereo then unpopped her bra so her unleashed boobs could jiggle in time with his tom-toms.

Debbie, 32 has now moved to a new home near the West Country mansion they shared. She has taken their two young children with her.

And last night 33-year-old Fay admitted "If I’d known Roger had a girlfriend I’d never have got involved. But he certainly had no stamina problems in the sex department"

Taylor, who also played on Queen hits such as Another One Bites The Dust and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, looked every inch a sex cymbal as he motored into Fay’s home town of Torquay in his red convertible.

The pair had met in a London nightclub just the night before.

"He booked into the Imperial Hotel then grabbed a huge bottle of Moet champagne and called around to my house" said Fay.

"He looked so sexy in tight black trousers, shirt and leather jacket I felt like ripping his clothes off there and then.

"We went to a fish restaurant but had to leave after Roger was spotted by fans who besieged him for autographs and photos.

"Next it was to a friends club before we ended up back at my place again.

"I remember putting Queen’s Greatest Hits on and dancing to I Want To Break Free. It’s my favourite."

Fay added: "As I was dancing, Roger pulled me to him on the sofa and began unbuttoning my top frantically. Soon I was naked apart from my knickers so I returned the favour and started undressing Roger

"I could see he was getting returned on because he couldn’t take his eyes off my boobs and bum"

Taylor, 49, then moved on to the bedroom to increase the rhythm of their lovemaking

"Even though he’s approaching his half-century I was surprised at how fit and firm his body was," she sighed. They first clapped eyes on one another in autumn last year when Taylor visited the Windmill Club in London’s Soho. Fay was one of the table dancers.

"I remember I was wearing a long velvet dress with a plunging neckline and split that showed my stocking tops" she said "Roger beckoned me over and asked me to dance for him and his friend."

The usual cost she added was £10 a dance "but Roger seemed pretty impressed because he was giving me £50 each time I performed for him. At first I didn’t recognise him until he took his cap off and introduced himself.

"I felt flattered that such a famous person should take an interest in me so when he invited me on to Brown’s nightclub I said yes.

"We had vintage champagne in the VIP area, but Roger was a compete gentleman and we did nothing that night."

As their relationship progressed, Taylor continued to drive to Torquay for snatched moments of passion. They would also meet secretly in London. And as they sat in each other’s arms, he also opened his heart about the grief he still felt for the death of Queen singer Freddie Mercury in 1991.

"So many years on, Roger still seemed pretty upset," added Fay. "We’d sit together getting drunk talking about the band and Roger gave the impression that the pain he felt at Freddie’s passing was just as strong today as it was the day he died. Roger knew that Freddie was partying too hard but he said he was powerless to stop his self-destructive streak. I know he thinks that if Freddie was still around the group would be together today.

"Roger was angry that Freddie was never able to come out publicly and admit his homosexuality like George Michael did. I know that he believes it would have taken a lot of pressure off Freddie’s shoulde

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