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Added on 19-Nov-2005

The New Jersey-based Arts Weekly published a review of Q+PR's Meadowlands show in their Nov. 16, 2005 edition, p. 32. Reviewer Todd Fern wrote one of those reviews that was more event description than music criticism, but it was nice that the concert got coverage, including four large color photos. (The publisher's site,, does not seem to offer the paper online, I'm afraid.)

What little opinion was expressed by Fern was generally favorable, for example: "So you might be asking yourself how Paul Rogers [sic] managed to fill such big shoes. He approached it much the same way Brian May and Roger Taylor did on the material they covered, he simply didn't try to be Freddie. Paul Rogers [sic] is a strong presence in his own right. He naturally brought a blusier feel to much of the material, but did it justice nonetheless.... Queen have such a vast catalog that everyone could find something missing from the set list at just over two hours. For instance, the obvious omission of 'Killer Queen,' considering the amount of airplay it receives here in the States. But overall, a decent variety of material was covered showcasing an aspect of this band that helped set it apart in the first place, its diverseness."

It's hard to imagine who Fern thought might have sung 'Killer Queen' in that show!

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