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Out on April 28th, "QUEEN : BAROQUE'N'ROLL, Une Histoire Du Groupe Anglais" (A story of the English band) by Marc-Emmanuel Konigson (publisher : Tournon). 330 pages + rare pictures of four members from 1972 to today.QUEEN : BAROQUE'N'ROLL tells the unique story of one of the greatest rock adventures of the past forty years. From its beginning, under the name of Smile, in 1968, to its big comeback on stages all around the world, with Paul Rodgers, from 2005 on. From the birth of Queen, in 1970, led by charismatic Freddie Bulsara (soon Mercury), to the tragic death of the latter, in november 1991, after two decades of massive and uninterrupted success. The saga of an exceptionally democratic quartet, where every member always had his word to say - and his hit to add : bassist John Deacon (Another One Bites The Dust), guitarist Brian May (We Will Rock You), singer and pianist Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody) and drummer Roger Taylor (Radio Ga Ga).

+ Detailed analysis of all works, including all solos.

Queen, a major and eternal band : the legend is in your hands !

Marc-Emmanuel Konigson has been writing a lot about rock music (and movies, also) since 1997. In 1998, he had the great pleasure to meet (and eat with !) Brian May, around the release of the Another World album. Indelible memories & extensive interview published that Summer, in the rock mag Best.

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