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Added on 23-Aug-2008

Famous ballad of British and banda music track of wins in the F-1 pack party at the family home of the champion, in San Carlos :

Friends and relatives of Maurren make the festival the city of San Carlos, 230 km from Sao Paulo, is a party with the gold, Maurren Maggi, the jump in distance. With 7.04 m, the athlete is sagrou champion at the Olympic Games in Beijing, this Friday.

In the city, schools improvised telões and televisions so that people could follow the leap from athlete. And the home of William and Ruth, his parents, the festival started from the jump, Tatyana Lebedeva by one centimeter, unless the Maurren.

-- I can not drink my beer, so many people that appears to talk and congratulate - plays William, father of Maurren, recalling that the mayor of the city and the Secretary of Sports has already passed by the house to greet the family.

The sound that reigns in the family home Maggi is the classic "We are the champions", the British Queen banda, and "Track of victory", which comes after the triumph of corridors in the Brazilian Formula 1. The party promises to go until afternoon.

-- We will be celebrating until the time when it arrives - Ruth warns.

---Put the music loudly at home to luck - reveals.(said Mara)

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