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Added on 05-Nov-2005

The Following organizations back Aussie and NZ fans in their Quest to bring Queen and Paul Rodgers to their shores: 1. The Official International Queen Fan Club

2. The Free - Bad Company Paul Rodgers Fan Website

3. EMI Australia

4. Phoenix - Queen radio station.

More Names are on their way soon! Sign up and help Aussie Queens get the number they need to make the tour happen. All fans are invited.

Message to all from Isis the co-ordinator/project initiator:

"You all have to help me get the wheel spinning at full speed - I need you to sign up if you want Queen + Paul Rodgers here - you have to stay positive and believe in the campaign and what I am doing - I will do all I can to make it happen for us. They are interested and now they are waiting for you to show them that you want Queen and Paul down under.

Our sponsors believe you want Queen and Paul Rodgers and have stepped forward to support you all - you need to believe that these guys can make it happen for us -this is our one shot to get them down under!

Don't miss the boat it is already docked here and they are just waiting for the fans to turn up and tell them come on down and show us Queen and Paul play. You can all do this by just signing the petition - you now can get your voice heard!

You messages will be going to Brian May this is now organized for you all by me.

Go to to sign the petition.

Hugs Aka: Isis"

Submitted by: Isis

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