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Added on 12-Aug-2008

It?s no surprise then, that on this particular night, the band would live up to their reputation and would neither raise nor lower the bar. It was, in a word, entertaining, but hardly the stuff ?o legend. Opening with their theme song and ideal intro, ?Bad Company,? Rodgers pounded out the ominous chords on piano, flanked by Kirke and Ralphs on one side, and a pair of enthusiastic stringers on the other. Surprisingly, the back-up players exhibited more energy than the charter members, a scenario that would repeat itself throughout the hour and a half set. Given that the Rodgers, Ralphs and Kirke are all rapidly closing in on 60, they resembled more the confident old masters than the cocky young bucks that fueled their image of old. Dressed casually ? Rodgers looking especially svelte and still Rock Star cool -- while refraining from any sort of posing, posturing or excess communication with the crowd, they proceeded to run through a set of songs that emphasized their radio wares ? ?Burnin? Sky,? ?Running with the Pack,? ?Live for the Music,? ?Feel Like Makin? Love,? ?Rock Steady,? ?Shooting Star? and the inevitable ?Can?t Get Enough,? before concluding with their encores ?Rock ?n? Roll Fantasy,? ?Ready for Love,? and ?Good Lovin? Gone Bad.? Nothing unexpected there, which again, more or less lives up to their mantra. But hey, couldn?t they have least tossed in ?All Right Now? for the Free fans among us?

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