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Added on 19-May-2006

Crown Giuly Ludovic Giuly may have been forgiven some nerves ahead of Wednesday's UEFA Champions League final, but the FC Barcelona playmaker made a rash promise that maybe he is now regretting. Previously nicknamed 'Le Petit' (the little one), the Frenchman has received a new tag, Freddie Mercury, since his squad-mates have decided that he is the spitting image of the late lead singer from Queen, who of course had a hit with 'Barcelona'. So Giuly, known for his sense of humour, promised during an interview for Canal Barça TV that if they won the UEFA Champions League final, he would grow a Mercury-style moustache for a month. Perhaps one should be relieved that he did not also pledge to drag Montserrat Caballé out of retirement for one final duet.

What a look a like!

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