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Added on 21-May-2004

Oops, sorry about the typo. No, this is not the new how-to book by the Fab 5. An allegedly new Queen documentary titled Becoming Queen is being released on DVD in the United States on June 8, 2004.These are the details and various reviews I’ve nicked from other shopping sites. I’m still not sure how new or original any of the material will be. Judging from what I’ve read it may well just be another repackaging of previously seen material, kinda like GHIII.

Becoming Queen

Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. This DVD will probably NOT be

viewable in other countries.)

Studio: Koch Vision Entertainment

DVD Release Date: June 8, 2004

Length: 60 minutes

“This is a "rockumentary" about the formation of one of the most unique rock bands. Extensive rare footage and interviews with musicians, friends, BBC personalities and the band members themselves create insight into the band that literally invented "stadium rock."

“Led by the incomparable voice and flashy showmanship of Freddie Mercury, Queen pioneered a unique brand of operatic rock that perfectly encapsulated the decadent excess of the 1970s. Through photos, archival footage and interviews, this documentary traces the history of the band from their first incarnation as Smile to their later success as stadium rockers.”

“A one-hour made-for-television documentary about the formation of Queen that was made by the BBC. Extensive rare photos, archival footage and interviews with musicians, friends, BBC personalities and band members create this insight into the legendary band and late gay icon Freddie Mercury.”

For some strange reason Freddie is being referred to in one review as a "late gay icon". Independent of one another each of the “late”, “gay” & “icon” claims are true, but to put them together and refer to Freddie as having been a "gay icon" either now or prior to his death is patently erroneous.

He was dismissed by the gay community in life for, among other supposed offenses, not coming out of the closet as gay to be claimed as one of their own and taking up the cause as gay rights champion then dismissed further in death for not having coming out of the closet as a person with AIDS when he was alive and taking up that cause as an activist. Only now are older gay Queen fans becoming more visible having been, ironically, in the closet as Queen fans because their own community previously would have ostracized them had they let on that they were so inclined.

In addition to being available as a pre-rental on Netflix - a popular online rental service that delivers DVD rentals to your home - this DVD can be found as a pre-order item all over the net for the disturbingly low price of $9.40. If it gets any cheaper they might as well bundle it with DVD copying software and throw it at audience members as they leave the musical in Vegas.

Here is just one site where you can pre-order it.

This site also features ‘God Save My Queen: A Tribute’ compiled by's own Daniel Nester. Way to bring that wicked cover back Dan!

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