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Added on 09-Oct-2000 are offering the worlds cheapest price for the Freddie Box Set.Ed: It appears the price has gone up to 97 pounds due to a change in the list price. I am investigating - still not a bad deal though ;) are offering the box set for 80 pounds, with free air mail postage world-wide. This price is available to UK residents as well. Blackstar are also throwing in registered delivery for this item for free!

Blackstar is the UK's largest video shop. contacted blackstar to ensure that their free shipping policy would be honoured even though it is pretty heavy item. Blackstar replied with an unequivical yes! (ed: ask them for yourself if you don't believe us...)

They also guauranteed that the items would be very well packaged.

Also, what happens if, for some unknown reason, however unlikely, your set was delivered 'damaged'. According to blackstar "We have founded our company on complete customer care and you can also rest

assured that if anyone received a box that was damaged we would have no

qualms about replacing it at no cost to the customer."

Ed: I quite frequently buy from blackstar and i have found them to be great. I get things sent to Australia and receive the videos within a week. I and 3 friends have placed an order with them.

NTSC Version (US fans): The NTSC version can ordered from for 85 pounds* (plus postage) by clicking here

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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