News > "Blender" magazine prasies Freddie Mercury, disses Paul Rodgers

Added on 08-Feb-2006

Freddie Mercury in March 2006 "Blender" magazineThe March 2006 edition of "Blender" magazine features an article about the "50 Most Awesomely Dead Rock Stars". Freddie Mercury is listed at the #17 spot and a 1/4 page photograph of him is shown. The article mentions the fact that Queen's worth has greatly increased in the years following Mercury's death. It goes on to mention the "We Will Rock You" musical as well as the current tour with Paul Rodgers. According to the article, while the current tour with Paul Rodgers, "diminishes Queen's brand value, the personal reputation of Mercury has been enhanced, with critical opinion generally agreeing that Rodgers is unfit to wear his predecessor's crown, metaphorical or otherwise".

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