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Bloodhag Discuss Queen's NOTW Artwork By Frank Kelly Freas, Metal Music Influenced By Literary, Art Works has a nice article and interview with Bloodhag's guitarist ''Doctor'' Jeffery McNulty and bassist ''Sir'' Zach Orgel in which they discuss that they thinks it's important that people know that Heavy Metal musicians are quite intelligent and often their music is influenced by and based on literary work and science fiction artwork. In this interview, the band members reference and cite Queen's ''News Of The World'' album cover being influenced by and and being an adaptation of original artwork by famed science fiction illustrator Frank Kelly Freas.

''Madeleine Key of The Modesto Bee is reporting that BLOODHAG — who describe their music as ''edu-core,'' or ''educational hardcore'' — play super short (under two minutes) heavy metal songs detailing the life and work of science fiction authors.''

''The band will perform at the Stanislaus County Library downstairs auditorium [in Modesto, California] at 6 p.m. Aug. 18. Admission is free.''

''BLOODHAG, composed of vocalist ''Professor'' Jake Stratton, bassist ''Sir'' Zach Orgel, drummer ''Master'' Brent Carpenter, and guitarist ''Doctor'' Jeffery McNulty, was founded in 1995 in Seattle by Stratton and McNulty.''

''Ardent metal heads, they wanted to educate fans about the roots of rock. Their intent was to break the stigma and stereotypes associated with heavy metal music and their fans.''

''As McNulty explains, ''We wanted to prove you could be smart and metal.''''

''Oftentimes, the band members said, audiences are largely unaware of the direct relation between heavy metal and science fiction.''

''As Orgel points out, ''Thematically, a lot of music, especially heavy metal, is based upon literary references, both lyrically and in the associated artwork.''

''For instance, QUEEN's ''News of the World'' cover is from an Astounding Science Fiction magazine cover picture. Had J. R. R. Tolkien not created his master work, ''The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy, there would be no ''Ramble On'' by LED ZEPPELIN. Had Melville never put pen to paper, there would be no ''Leviathan'' by MASTODON.''

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