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Added on 04-Oct-2010

Brian May’s solo from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has hit the No.10 spot in Gibson guitars Top 50 Guitar Solos of All Time.

Truly a solo worthy of Wayne and Garth’s Mirth Mobile, Brian May’s work on “Bohemian Rhapsody” transports the song from its ballad portion to the monstrous opera that’s to come. As such, May’s solo isn’t just a show-off moment; it’s a real, functioning part of the song. His counterpart to the main melody makes a seemingly simple transition from the weighty emotion of Freddie Mercury wishing he’d never been born to the whimsy of scaramouche and fandango. Of course, the solo itself is a startlingly beautiful piece of work – a singable classic complete with May’s quivering notes, that cascading run and those mountain-scaling highs. And then, after the opera, we all get to headbang. – Bryan Wawzenek

The Top 10 read as follows:


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