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Added on 05-Aug-2007

Brian and Roger joined the Toronto cast of We We Rock You for taping of Canadian Idol.AUGUST 2, 2007

Wednesday, August 1 was a busy and exciting day at the Canon Theatre. The venue was taken over by a large film crew from CTV who were filming segments of the popular show Canadian Idol. Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen spent most of the day working with the seven Idol finalists, listening to each of them perform a Queen song and then offering advice and encouragement. Later in the afternoon, Brian and Roger joined the entire company of WE WILL ROCK YOU and the seven Idol finalists for a rehearsal of that night's festivities.

After a dinner break, everyone returned to the theatre for that night's sold-out performance. The crowd was pumped even before the theatre's doors were opened. Young and old, locals and visitors, they all knew they were going to experience a performance like no other. Throughout the show, the connection between audience and performers was electric. When Brian and Roger joined the company on stage for "Bohemian Rhapsody", the theatre erupted.

Luckily the performance was captured on film and segments will be shown on the next two broadcasts of Canadian Idol. Mark your calendars and don't miss Canadian Idol on the CTV network, Monday August 6 and Tuesday August 7.

(I don't think the photos have come through from the news-mail I received, but I did take a couple at the show, which I'll submit for the Picture Gallery).

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