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Added on 24-Oct-2005

Brian May #34 In Uncut Legends 100 Greatest Guitar HeroesBrian May makes the list and comes in at #34 in ''Uncut Legends: The 100 Greatest Guitar Heroes'', quite an honor placing him among the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, and more.

Page 93 Gorgeous color photo of Brian May playing his Red Special dressed in his regal, glam cape circa 1975. Another color photo of Queen's ''Sher Heart Attack'' album.

''Brian May: Glam King of Queen who inspired 2 generations of guitarists.'' Great overview of his guitar playing and his songwriting, listing songs TSMGO, WWTLF, FBG, Hammer To Fall, and more.

Last paragraph, ''It's good to know there's still a little magic in the air, I'll weave my spell'', ''wrote Brian May in ''Brighton Rock'' in 1974. All these years later, the magic is still there. Give May his Red Special and watch him weave his spell.''

Lists Brian's greatest guitar riff, greatest guitar solo, his musical influences, the artists HE influenced, and more.

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