Added on 02-Jul-2008

QUEEN guitarist BRIAN MAY has hit out a British TV network for not broadcasting the group's performance at NELSON MANDELA's recent 90th birthday concert in London.The band, along with vocalist Paul Rodgers, were the final act to take the stage at the gig in Hyde Park on Friday (27Jun08), performing a string of hits to the delighted crowd.

The concert was filmed for broadcast on U.K. network ITV - but May was devastated to learn that most of the band's set was cut out, criticising TV bosses for making a "bad decision".

He says, "It baffles me how, given the privilege of televising an internationally significant event, a TV company can miss the point so badly.

"All (they) had to do was televise the whole event, with no insertions from them. Well, it seems they largely failed. I wonder who's responsible for these bad decisions?"


Editor: I think they have misrepresented Brian here. I think he was just dissapointed that they didn't push the 46664 message enough.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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