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Added on 13-Jul-2005

London,UK (AHN) - Brian May, guitarist for the legendary rock group Queen, is commenting on the recent terrorist attacks in London. He says, "I sense there is a mood of quiet resolve among the people I speak to. We are feeling that we must not go any further down the road of escalation...this is old stuff, but I personally feel that in the wake of 9/11 an opportunity was seek understanding rather than revenge."

May adds, "The Nelson Mandela way. I do not subscribe to this "War on Terrorism" slogan. I believe we have a need to secure a peaceful world for our children, and that it cannot be done by exerting our muscle internationally. It sure hasn't worked yet, has it?! It must be done by adjusting our behavior — we must stop playing 'Cowboys & Indians' - a self-damning phrase if ever there was one. I no longer believe we are the good guys. We must earn this view of ourselves, and start recognizing that there are other legitimate views of the world than ours."

May did not stop there offering advice to the British government after the attacks of last week.

"So where do we go from here? Search everyone before they go on a bus? On a tube train? Walking down the street? This is the road to insanity...a climate of fear, which, sadly, the U.S.A. is already experiencing. It's time we attacked the cause rather than the symptoms. I want to see our politicians answer the question 'Why?' Why do people hate us this much? What can we do to change this? It's no use thinking we are dealing with a small bunch of maniacs, as seems to be the popular view, who need to be 'stamped out.'

He adds, "The reality is we are looking at a large number of entire countries of people to whom the American (and English) flag is a symbol of evil. Of selfishness and bullying imperialist aggression. This is what we must address. This is what we owe it to our children to do. In my opinion."

Queen recently teamed up with former Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers to do a major tour of Europe and North America. Their latest round of UK shows were scrapped due to the terror attacks.

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