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Added on 11-Jun-2008

Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed he is involved in a rescue mission to save GCap station Planet Rock.The digital-only station was put on the block by Gcap chief executive Fru Hazlitt in March and will be closed if a buyer is not found by the end of the month.May posted a statement on his official website admitting that he was “involved in mounting a rescue operation to save the station.”The musician would not reveal who he was “in league” with but admitted he was part of a small group of people “who had great hope” in succeeding taking over the station.May added, “I regard Planet Rock as rather more than just a radio station – it is a symbol of free radio … radio which is not run by large corporate organisations for the purpose of making tons of money, and has a free choice of what it plays.”For more on Brian’s quest to save Planet Rock check out


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