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Brian May Presented Award To Black Sabbath, Highlighted Throughout UK Music Hall Of Fame Awards On VH1 Saturday 11/26/2005Brian May Presented the award to Black Sabbath, inducting them into the UK Music Hall Of Fame, and Brian was also featured in and participated in throughout the 2005 UK Music Hall Of Fame Awards which were televised, 2 times in a row, on Saturday 11/26/2005, on the VH1 Television Network, first broadcast from 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST USA, then again repeated from 11:00pm to 1:00am EST USA.

The final award and induction of the night was for Black Sabbath, and all of the original members were present.

Brian May, looking very debonair and stylish in a tailored long coat and suit, took the stage and Brian then read a glowing tribute to Black Sabbath, mentioning the talented contributions of every band member, including the great gutarist Tony Iommi, as well as Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and of course, Ozzy Osbourne.

Brian looked quite honored to present the award to Sabbath.

Also, earlier in the awards, a posthumious award and induction was given into the UK Music Hall Of Fame to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Presenters Mitch Mitchell and Slash, showed a filmed mini clip like documentary tribute to the life and music of Jimi Hendrix, and...

....Brian May....appeared MANY times in the filmed tribute to discuss Brian's thoughts on Jimi and how he was influenced by Jimi Hendrix's extraordinary talent on guitar.

Also...throughout the award ceremony, as the camera panned repeatedly on the many great and talented musicians sitting in the audience, they showed Brian May sitting in the audience many times.

One last thing. The great Aretha Franklin was inducted into and given an award in the UK Music Hall Of Fame, and a mini filmed clip documentary profiling her career was shown as well. One can only wonder, had Freddie Mercury still been with us, how VERY much he may have enjoyed and been honored to speak of her talents in the filmed mini documentary (as Brian did for Jimi Hendrix), or even presented the award to Aretha and maybe even inducted her, himself.

Great show, televised from the awards held in Alexander Palace in London, England. Other inductees were The Eurythmics by Sir Bob Geldof!!!!, The Who by Ray Davies, The Kinks by (Jim Hurst of Football Fame, editor's note hope this is correct, sports fans), Bob Dylan by actor Woody Harrelson, and Pink Floyd by Pete Townshend.

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