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Added on 03-Jun-2008

A meet up for fans of the guitar, and guitarists!To Red Special Guitar fans / Brian may fans

On the 12th July there will be a Brian May Guitar meet up, its happened once before in 2005.

Event will be in Buckinghamshire Near Aylesbury. (south east)

Butlers Cross Village hall

Butlers Cross



HP17 0TX

Date:- 12th July

Entrance fees:-

Stalls:- £4

Public :- £2


12 – 6pm :Stalls

12:30 – 6 :Public

What the event will include is..

- Homemade guitars from Fans

- Commercial Brian may guitars

- A few stands selling / advertising

- People able to play on stage with their guitar.

- Able to meet new people, and exchange tips

- Try equipment, effects, amps ect…

- Meet new red special fans

- Exchange building tips

- See how to build a guitar

- Jam sessions throughout the day

- I also decided to open the event to people who have made any sort of guitar, Fender, Gibson, PRS or even there own!


If you would like a stall to show your BM guitar + equipment, or you would like a stall to sell items, E-Mail me.

For information on how to get there and futher details and updates, visit -

Thanks for looking.

Cheers matt

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