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Added on 28-Sep-2005

Brian May Rejects Idea Of Doing A ''RockStar: Queen TV reports that Brian May has rejected any notions or idea of ''RockStar: INXS'''s Producer Mark Burnett potentially doing a ''RockStar: Queen'' show that would adopt the same premesis as ''RockStar:INXS'' which used a talent competition and votes from a viewing audience to elect a new frontman to replace INXS's deceased frontman, the late Michael Hutchense. Brian May said that Queen would never do the show as a means of replacing the legendary Freddie Mercury, who could never be replaced anyhow, and says ''Don't bother voting for us, folks!!'' See article below.

''Brian May rejects ''Rock Star'' rumours.''

''Some people are wondering whether Queen will be the next band featured on the Rock Star TV series, but Brian May says forget about it. On the official website, the guitarist wrote, ''Ha! Apparently they are voting on us being in the next show?!!! Ha! Ha! Can you imagine? I don't think so! For any number of don't bother voting for us, folks!! I mean, REALLY!!! (as Fred [Mercury] would have said!).''

''Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor of Queen have toured extensively this year in Europe with Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers on lead vocals. They recently put out a live album called Return Of The Champions (all tracks available for request if you have a Backstage Pass), and a DVD is on the way. Two US shows will be played next month, and the group is planning a major North American tour next year.''

''Rock Star producer Mark Burnett, the man behind Survivor and The Apprentice, told The Edmonton Sun that Queen and Van Halen are among the bands who need a frontman, but he stopped short of announcing either one as doing the show. Burnett also said the show could wind up putting together an all-new group.''

''INXS used the show to pick J.D. Fortune to be their frontman. Their first single is ''Dirty Vegas,'' which Fortune sang on Rock Star a few times, and it will be available on iTunes next Tuesday (October 4th). A new album called Switch will be released November 29th, and a tour will star in January.''


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