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Added on 22-Dec-2001

Through, Brian May has sent a Christmas message to Queen fans around the world.I've been feeling good about Queen World and my own smaller Other

World over the last few weeks.

The BEST AIR GUITAR ALBUM IN THE WORLD EVER has been doing fabulously

well, as you've all probably seen - the TV ads, and Word of Mouth on

the streets about how great the Track Listing really is, seem to have

propelled the album to ever greater heights. In the first couple of

weeks we were selling four or five thousand and being pleased about

that - but now the thing is doing around 35 thousand weekly and

they're working hard to print it fast enough to keep up! I'm really

very proud of it - it was just a fun idea at the beginning, just a

pipe dream from Pete, Justin, and I… But after a lot of serious

work it really did materialise into the kind of Dream Guitar Album

that I always wanted to make - it's been warming my heart in my car

ever since… and to be able to get all that magnificent seminal

guitar music to the ears of young folks just starting out playing

guitar is a great feeling for me.

Big Thanks to all who helped us make it happen!!! - especially Steve

Pritchard at Virgin records UK.

The new edition of the BRIAN MAY GUITAR is also doing brilliantly

well so far. It's JUST out on sale - and so far every one that's

been made is already sold. For those who haven't come across it,

it's the new edition of replicas of my own Homemade guitar which my

Dad helped me to build 40 YEARS AGO! We designed the original all

from scratch, aiming to make a guitar which would feed back through

the air in the best way, making an instrument that would 'Sing' with

its sustain and tone. Somehow it worked, and the 'Red Special' has

been the instrument I have used for 99 per cent of every Queen

recording and live shows, as well as my own outings for "Back to the

Light" and "Another World".

Two previous editions of "Brian May Models" were made by Guild

guitars of the USA, all now unobtainable except at ludicrously

inflated prices second-hand. Burns of England have now made a new

model, in close consultation with me, with Pete Malandrone my Tech,

and with Greg Fryer (who made me 3 beautiful identical clones of the

guitar 5 years ago, christened Paul, John, and George) which is

excellently made and sounds almost indistinguishable from the

original Red Special. It's also much more affordable, at 500 quid or


The new BURNS BM model was rave-reviewed in GUITARIST magazine a

couple of months ago and they have now named it their Guitar of the

Year! Thanks Guys!!! So I am well happy with this new venture - and

hope that the guitar will inspire many more young players to ROCK!!!

I've been very busy. Just got back from L.A. where I was helping to

put the finishing touches to the new 5.1 Surround mix of our 1975

album, "A Night at the Opera". It sounds COLOSSAL!!! To hear it you

will need a 5.1 system, and a dedicated DVD player which plays the

Sound DVD format. The surround sound is produced exactly as in the

new Cinema THX systems - two speakers in front, left and right, two

in the back, left and right, a "hard cetre" speaker in the middle in

front, and a Sub-Woofer some place, preferably under your seat! The

ANATO album is perfectly suitable for surround - since there was

always too much on our multitrack tapes to condense down to just

stereo! It's amazing now to hear all those vocal harmonies and

guitar orchestras zooming all around your head. The project was

piloted by hugely respected producer Elliot Steiner, and our own

original co-producer, Roy Thomas Baker. I went over to Capitol

Studios (under that building that looks like a stack of 45 records on

Vine Street in Hollywood) to meet them, since I was the only one who

could remember where all that bounced stuff was meant to go! It was

also a chance to be creative in the new medium, and I tried to do all

the stuff we WOULD have done at the time if we'd had the technology

at our disposal. It's VERY in

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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