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Added on 01-Oct-2001

Information has been released suggesting that Brian's interview with Guitarist magazine may be his last.From

Imagine how many times Brian May has been interviewed over his career; the

number must run into thousands. A downside to this is that he's probably

been asked the same questions on almost every occasion. Well, the November

issue of Guitarist features what Brian has said will almost certainly be his

LAST INTERVIEW, and we've racked our brains to come up with some questions

he's never been asked before. Which guitar would he have favoured if he'd

never actually built his own? The answer to this and other unique

ponderables appears in our exclusive interview.

The second is a worldwide exclusive: the first ever review of the brand new

Burns Brian May Signature guitar. With a UK RRP of £499, its popularity

would already seem to be assured, but what's it actually like? We probe its

crannies and fondle its switches to bring you an exhaustive review, complete

with comments from both Brian and his trusty technical sidekick Pete


Finally, what's a major review without a CD audio demo to back it up? With

his usual affability, Brian himself has recorded and exclusive 11-minute

demo of the Burns Brian May guitar, which includes A/B test between it and

the original Red Special, an audio walkthrough and an exclusive piece of

music just for Guitarist.

Appetite whetted? It should be!

The November issue is on sale 4th October.

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Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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