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Added on 11-Oct-2001

At the Cambridge union society on Tuesday Brian performed We will rock you to a standing ovation. He spoke frankly about his personal problems and his spell in therapy two years ago. He also mentioned that a solo album may also be released in the future.amq by Edward Haworth

I was lucky enough to attend a talk that Brian May gave at the

Cambridge Union earlier tonight (yesterday). It was a great

priviledge to finally 'meet' the man himself. And whilst it makes me

feel vaguely like a spy typing this, he said some things I am sure you

are all itnerested in.

He opened his talk with a speech against the bombing of Afghanistan

and played Bob Dylan's "With God on Our Side" on acoustic - a great

song and very played. I was suprised by how political he could be, on

this issue and on animal rights he put forward a very persuasive, non

dogmatic and understated argument.

He closed by playing "We Will Rock You" on his red special and the

Deacy amp (!), which we got to isnpect (and even touch) later. He

mentioned that he came to Cambridge for an interview in his time and

talked briefly about his life (mostly academic) before Queen.

The rest oif his talk was given to questions. The songs he are most

proud of are "Too much love..." (the playing of which at the tribute

concert is his fondest live performance)and "We will rock you" and his

favourite album is "Queen 2" (and although he criticised The Works and

Hot Space he said he basically stood by them). On the subject of

albumst he wished people had the chance to listen to the studio albums

rather then the greatest hits releases. The song he would like most

of all to have written is Lennon's "Jealous Guy". He refused to go

into much detail when asked about the biggest bender Queen went on,

but mentioned female mud wrestlers and the infamous New Orleans party

:). He defended John against someoneone who asked if he had any real

input into the band "he wrote our best selling single..." (another one

bites..). He mentioned Freddie many times, and how he still misses

him, but he said he was finally comfortable talking about him again -


In terms of the future he said he planned to record another solo album

"when he had something to say again". The Queen musical (no longer

directly about them) and a rock show/planetarium opening in Munich are

projects he is very pumped about. Also he mentioned the entire "Night

at the opera" album is being remixed into Dolby 5.1 (presumably DVD

audio) by the original producer - the first time he said anyone has

been allowed to mess with the original recording of BohRap. This

sounds fantastic and will be first heard at the Munich planetarium

opening. He spoke very enthusiastically about his positive

relationship with Roger, he said they ahd hoped to do more work with

Robbie Williams, but was dissapointed that this no longer looked

likely. Unfortunately he said both Roger and himself have very little

contact with John anymore, who had moved on. When I asked him later

if he thought Queen would ever work together on new material he said

he thought it was very unlikely - that that moment had passed and that

future collaboration between Roger and himself would carry on with the

musical and other projects as the closest thing to any new Queen work.

When I asked him if then Smile would ever reform he just laughed.

Hopefully some of the above will be interesting - it was a fantastic

evening - the man is amazing, the most unlikely rock star ever.

-the above was posted in amq by Edward Haworth

Just thought u lot might like to read it.

Sadly the gist of it seems to be that they arent talking to John. Which is unfortunate.

Thanks to oneworldwidevision and DeaconJohn for this information.

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