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Added on 13-Dec-2000

Brian has further cooled talk of an iminent Queen Robbie team up.Taken from Launch:

Queen-Robbie Williams Team-Up Not A Done Deal

Rumors abound that new Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Queen will perform dates with U.K. pop singer Robbie Williams on vocals. Queen guitarist Brian May revealed to LAUNCH that there have been talks with Williams, but it's definitely not a done deal.

"Well, I'll be honest with you," May said. "We've been talking to Robbie and we've been playing around with Robbie, and we like him. And we've pushed various ideas around, but nothing has been decided yet, so if you see anything in the press, it's somebody jumping the gun. I think he's a great entertainer, and one of the few, I suppose, one of the few entertainers with a capital 'E' that I've seen emerge out of England in recent years. They're very few, very hard to find."

May added, "We don't have any plans to do anything at this moment."

Source: QMS

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