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Added on 13-Dec-2000

Brian has responded to Queen's induction into the Hall of Fame.Taken from

Queen's Brian May On Rock Hall Induction And Rumors

(12/13/00, 4 p.m. ET) - Queen was one of the bands selected for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on Tuesday (December 12). The band was chosen in its second year of eligibility. LAUNCH asked Queen guitarist Brian May about his reaction to being among this year's inductees, who will be feted on March 19 in New York.

"I'm just very, very happy to hear [it]," he said. "When I looked at the list of the other guys who are being inducted, I felt very good. Seeing Michael Jackson in there and seeing Aerosmith in there-- my old buddies. I'm very, very happy to be included in the same bag as them--just happy overall."

One of the traditions of the hall's induction ceremonies is the performance and jam session. Asked who would be capable of filling the shoes of histrionic late vocalist Freddie Mercury for the event, May told LAUNCH, "Well, I guess there's various thoughts. It'd be nice to get up there and team up with Aerosmith-- that's one thought that I had. It's something which has never happened. That would be a good thought. Further than that, we have been talking about various other things. There has been lots of rumors around," he added, laughing, "but I'm not going to confirm any of those rumors."

Those rumors include Queen's playing a few dates with British pop star Robbie Williams fronting the band. Although he didn't deny that rumor, he did come down on the British media for spreading the slew of recent Queen gossip in the U.K. press. "I mean, the English press got ahold of some stuff, but they got hold of it through some rumor monger at a record company. So it's...They don't care. They'll print anything in England. I don't quite know what it's like in the States, but over here they'd rather print lies than truth, really."

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