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Added on 10-Sep-2005

''Brighton Rock'' Makes List ''51 Great FX Moments'' August 2005 ''Guitarist Magazine''Queen's ''Brighton Rock'' made the list in an article featuring the ''51 Great FX Moments'' in the August 2005 issue of ''Guitarist Magazine'', which documents 51 of the most awesome bands'/artists'...guitarists' guitar effects and the songs and albums that those effects were implemented on.

Page 81 Queen: ''Brighton Rock'', Guitarist: Brian May

Effect Used: Echoplex EP-3, Find It On: ''Sheer Heart Attack'', 1974. With color photo of Queen's album, ''Sheer Heart Attack''

''Unlike May's live solo piece, this example uses just one single repeat, rather than two set equidistant to build up harmonies. Queen frontman Freddie Mercury used the latter set up during vocal sections of ''Prophet's Song'' on the band's next album, ''A Night At The Opera''.

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