News > Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to record new song with a Queen sound

Added on 31-Jul-2001

From the VH1 website... Britney Spears and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake from NSYNC are preparing a new song with a Queen sound. As it says... Justin Timberlake is really earning his keep as Britney Spears' boyfriend. Not only is he escorting her to parties and introducing her to hip music makers like BT, but the 'NSYNC star is also writing music with her and "Pop" co-author Wade Robson for her forthcoming album. "We're just vibing — having a good time, you know," Robson said of the songwriting trio. "We've got this one song that's this rock kind of opera thing. It's almost got this classical vibe, almost like Queen redone. And we've got another one that's kind of more vibey R&B." From the Daniel Aldana: All I can say is that it's probably going to suck since neither one or the other have composing skills

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