News > 'Bulsara' Charged with Jill Dando Murder

Added on 28-May-2000

Freddie obsessive Barry Bulsara has been charged with the murder of UK television celebrity Jill Dando after extensive questioning with London police.Barry Bulsara, real name Barry Michael George who lived just doors away from Dando falsely claimed to be a cousin of Freddie's. Neighbours and friends say how his house was full of Queen memorabilia. One lady said that the pictures he had of Freddie in his window were made to look more like family photographs than musical memorabilia.

Bulsara, who was arrested last week has spent some four days in police questioning before finally being charged on Sunday afternoon.

Four people have so far been arrested under supsicion of the Dando murder. Charges were later dropped.

Submitted by: Jamie Barlow

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