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Added on 11-Sep-2008

I just found this review on website. It is a bad one.

Queen - 'C-lebrity'

The average pub band could do better

(Thursday September 4, 2008 5:16 PM )

Released on 01/09/08

Label: Parlophone

First off, no argument, it must be hard being a guitarist or drummer in a band and having your singer die on you. Aside from losing a friend, the fact that they took your career with them has got to smart. Ever since Freddie Mercury's untimely death, Brian May and Roger Taylor have been desperately trying to find a future and much like their solo records and collaborations, "C-lebrity" isn't it.

With only two of the four original members, plus growling former Free frontman Paul Rogers, Trading Standards would probably have something to say about this qualifying as a Queen single, especially as its disjointed riffs, paper thin melody and painfully artless lyrics suggest it's the work of a band who've never actually heard a song, let alone written some of rock's classics. Secondly, having these three jaded has-beens preaching about c-listers' desperation for fame is, frankly, laughable. Hardly a worthy addition to the Queen canon, the average pub band could do better.

by Dan Gennoe

(2 stars out of 10)

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