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Added on 08-Aug-2007

see a little silhouette-o of a man! It is Ben! It is Ben! He can make the girls scream-o! But underneath bad lighting, very very frightening, eeek! Anyway. According to Ben Mulroney, BBC radio named Queen the Greatest British Band Of All Time earlier this year. What what what? Is the entire country high? Queen are great and everything, but name five Queen songs right now! OK, now name five songs by the Beatles and/or The Rolling Stones. Much easier, right? And way better songs overall. Brian Melo started the show with "Too Much Love Will Kill You" — something Freddie Mercury knew first-hand. Ba dum pum PSSSH! Rock legend Brian May (who coached the Idols this week, alongside Roger Taylor) said that he was moved and "hugely impressed" by Melo. Hmm. Well. Brian MaI was worried when I learned that Matt Rapley chose to sing "Under Pressure," but he pulled it off so completely. "He doesn't realize his power," said Brian May. I'll say. That performance raised goosebumps! Heck yes, Matt Rapley! If Canada votes you off this week, I don't even know what's going on (P.S. They probably will).

"I think you did a fantastic job of an extremely challenging song. You just killed it, man," said Jordan.

"I think your voice is fantastic," said Roger Taylor said of Dwight d'Eon. But Roger Taylor is old and used to play eight jillion decibel concerts without earplugs. So whatever.

d'Eon began "Tie Your Mother Down" on top on an amp and the rest of his performance was equally as obnoxious and mid-'90s. Dude, jogging around the room all breathless is not going to make me forget that you can't sing!

It was awesome when he accosted the cameraman and nearly broke his $8,000 camera. I bet the cameraman thought it was extra super awesome.

"You put your heart into every single thing that you do," said Flex.

Tara Oram defined 110 per cent when she sang "Headlong Hurl." Holy crap! She's a star, for real real real. Who'd have thought that the cutesy blonde country gal would have become one of my favourites of the competition? Not even the fact that she looked like an out-of-place Hot Topic model could make me dislike that performance.

"You sang the hell out of the thing and you sang it from your guts," said Werner.

Jaydee Bixby has disappointed me for the past two weeks, but his rendition of "I Want To Break Free," while not his best, had a healthy sprinkle of Bixby Magic. How can you not love this kid? Even thought his outfit required the skin of an entire herd of cows, I bet PETA is all, "Look at that Jaydee Bixby sing his widdle heart out! Awwww!"

"Elvis is still in the building," said Jordan.

"I don't know what to say, Jaydee, except I found that oddly appealing," said Werner.

Tomorrow: Another one bites the dust (I've been waiting all season to use that)!

—Sofi Papamarko

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