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another one !....Canuck cast will rock us

We Will Rock You uses Queen's music to convey message

Dec. 14, 2006. 01:00 AM



With an all-Canadian cast of talented young actors and musicians in place, We Will Rock You is getting ready to roll.

"I know, like me, the audiences will go ga-ga over We Will Rock You," said theatre impresario David Mirvish, of the Toronto production which will open at the Canon Theatre on March 14.

Calling it a "true phenomenon," Mirvish said the show, which premiered in London's West End in May 2002, has been seen by more than five million worldwide.

The Toronto production has already surpassed $3 million in sales.

The play, which features 32 of Queen's songs, is set in a dystopian world of the future where a corporation rules and all live music is banned.

But writer/director Ben Elton is quick to point out that it's also a life-affirming story about love and individual creativity.

"This show does not have pretensions to be 1984. It's not a deeply serious story, but it has a satirical edge," Elton said. "I want people to laugh and love and feel uplifted and not feel the world such a bad place."

Brian May, who along with Queen bandmate Roger Taylor, acts as musical superviser of the show, said the audience reaction is unanimously upbeat.

"Everybody comes out of the theatre with their fist in the air ... and that's been the strength of the show. I have never seen this show fail to raise the audience to its feet," May said.

"The story's not serious, but the themes underlying it are serious. (There is) manipulation; we're being told what we like now. That rings very true," Taylor said.

He said he believes that Freddie Mercury, who fronted the band before his death of AIDS-related illness in 1991, would have approved of the show's theme and its playful nature.

"(Mercury) would have loved this show. He was a theatrical person. He wouldn't have wanted to be in it, but he would have loved it," Taylor said.

Among the cast announced yesterday: Montrealer Yvan Pedneault, who described himself as a "nervous wreck" two days after learning he would play the lead, Gallileo, and is busy trying to take the edge off his Québécois accent, and Erica Peck, the youngest cast member at 20, who was just plucked from her theatre/music course to play Scaramouche, the female lead.

Alana Bridgewater, born and raised in Newmarket, will play super-villain Killer Queen, with Evan Buliung — who recently starred as Aragon in the Toronto production of Lord of the Rings — playing her henchman, Khashoggi.


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