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Added on 15-Mar-2005

Capitol Gold Interview In Entirety on www.timelily2.comThe entire Capitol Gold Interview with Brian, Roger, & Paul Rodgers can be downloaded/heard on

It is sorted in numbered, sequenced parts. Parts 1-5 are with Brian & Paul Rodgers.

Parts 6-10 are with Brian and Roger who give a very detailed, informative, in depth affectionate history of Queen, their music, their career, their live performances, how the band members met, hot the band came about and progressed, the story of how "Bohemian Rhapsody" first got airplay with an incredibly!! insightful, wonderful archive clip interview with Capitol One DJ Kenny Everett and how Bo Rhap went on to become a hit, and absolutely lovely, fond, sweet recollections of Roger & Brian met him, how Freddie joined the Queen and became the lead singer and the band's #1 believer and visionary, anecdotes about Fred & Roger's usual warm up before live shows, all adorable and told with genuine love, regard, and affection for Freddie.

Great interview!

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