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Added on 25-Aug-2002

Big news for those of you that know this lovely and talented lady. For those that don't know her, you will. Brian

introduced us to her during his Back to The Light Tour and her stunning

vocals can be found on recordings by Brian, Roger and Queen. Anyway...

Back in February, our dear Catherine signed a

record deal with JIVE

RECORDS!! eah, you know, the same record company

as Britney

Spears, Backstreet Boys and `NSYNC, amongst many

others they got plenty-o-money and public relations know how. So, this is MEGA!

But Catherine still needs our support. Run, don't walk, to your

nearest radio and listen to BBC Radio 2. What's that you hear?

Catherine singing her stunning debut single "She's So Cool"? Yes?

No? No!!??? Well, if not, we have to change that. Pick up the

phone and dial their request line and demand it! Now! (08700-100-200)

We've waited

far too long for this release and we (and the record buying masses)

deserve to hear it!

Now after you've done that (again, and again and again) point your

browser towards and pre-order your very own copy of the

"She's So Cool" single which is scheduled for release on September 16th.

That's when you can also pop into your local record store and ask for


"She's So Cool" is taken from her debut album entitled "Something

Good" which is out later the same month. Get ready to have your

musical faith restored...

To celebrate, we have relaunched with a whole new

look, complete track listing, new photos and all the information and

news you need to know. So be sure to check it out! While you are

there,don't forget to sign the guestbook, congratulate her and wish Catherine a very

Happy Birthday indeed.

Catherine Porter, she's so cool!

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