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Added on 01-Jan-2008

2. Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen Rema Rahman:Any-Bar, U.S.A.: A lonely 250-pound, 40-something woman with coke-can bifocals and a penchant for heavy metal music begins distortedly swaying to the sound of Mr. Freddie Mercury. With her arms jiggling above her, grasping her Jack and Coke in one hand, she pounds the other on the bar singing "Oh, won't you take me home tonight…" Unfortunately, no one will. A dive bar's answer to a swanky restaurant's "Fur Elise", Queen's hit, "Fat Bottom Girls" has dominated bars across the country since it made its debut on Jazz in 1978. With the singles cover sporting a naked woman's butt crack riding a bicycle (which was later half covered up with drawn-on panties when stores complained) this song has proved staying power muc

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