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Added on 11-Aug-2005

CD Universe Review Of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To QueenHere's a review from CD of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''

''We Will Try and Rock You

When I first heard this album was coming out I did not hold much hope that anyone could do justice to Queen covers, I mean who would even dare to try and step into the shoes of Mr Mercury and the supergroup to make legions of remaining fans happy? Listening to the CD has once again reminded me how well these songs were written by Queen, however the young talent of the world give mixed performances on delivering them. If your looking for the "who can sound like Freddie" award, look no forward to Constantine and the cast of We Will Rock You the musical for their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. However I could not help thinking I would prefer a more different version, then I found the Flaming Lips treatment and promptly changed my opinion. Good Old Fashioned Loverboy also gets the copycat treatment from Jason Mraz. Stand out highlights of this compilation are Joss Stones working of Under Pressure, it is certainly a new twist on the classic and great listening. Antigone Rising's version of Fat Bottomed Girls is great especially as a female vocalist makes the lyrics that much more meaningful. Expect to see this version sung by a bunch of girls in the next girl-power chick flick. Bicycle Race by Be Your Own Pet, Josh Kelley's Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Rooney's Death on Two Legs are nice renditions. I fell asleep during Gavin DeGraw's We Are The Champions, he should be banned from touring for two years for releasing that on the world. Also who gave Josh Homme the idea to slow down Stone Cold Crazy might want to re-think their career, Metallica did such a good cover of this on the Freddie Tribute. I guess there is a fine line between putting your own spin on a track and having it still sound good. Anyway this is worth buying for a handful of nice covers but get your finger ready on the skip button.

Submitted by Quokka in Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA''


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