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Added on 19-Feb-2009

This show features the one voice that can recreate the late great Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury's range like nobody else. Others come close, but JJ Midnight is arguably the finest. Now throw in the choir for the sake of perfecting the sound. It's A Kind of Magic!

The Celebrating Queen show brings the best representation of Queens music you will witness, especially since the passing of the master himself, Freddie Mercury. Nobody brings out the detail like Celebrating Queen.

You will hear ALL of those famous Queen vocal arrangements, while being driven by a rock band with a full head of steam!

The band Queen was number one worldwide for more than a decade, and their music is amongst the most played in the world.

While other presentations of the "Live" Queen experience addresses the precise imitation of "Queens" live show, Celebrating Queen is a much bigger meal, a wall of music with a wall of vocals.

Celebrating Queen features...

JJ Midnight, nailing Freddie Mercury's vocal print, all night long. Nine singers, covering all of Queens background harmony tracks, including the crazy high notes and intricate harmonies.

Two guitarists, covering Queen guitarist Brian May's studio approach to their hits, rather than the thin live representation.

One of the main keys to the show is Music and Vocal Director Shannon Bengford. Shannon has spent most of his time over the last two years picking apart and charting vocals for the Celebrating Queen Choir. He can sing "Somebody To Love" in his sleep. He is literally responsible for all of the music and vocal arrangements the show features.

Queen themselves did not perform their own music with the kind of detail that IS the studio recording process. Celebrating Queen does.

When Celebrating Queen plays and more than 2 hours of Queens biggest hits, you will witness an evening of entertainment to remember, and talk about for years.

The evenings opening entertainment is, YOU! The Audience… This is a program called "Everybody Sings" Everybody Sings is designed to get people singing and realizing that singing is a way to positively affect your health, and have fun. The audience will be given song lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and will partake in a singing lesson with Celebrating Queens Music Director, Shannon Bengford and Celebrating Queen Lead Vocalist JJ Midnight. The singing lesson will culminate with the whole theater singing together while being taped for broadcast in an infomercial about the health benefits derived from singing. This will be a blast for everyone!


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