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Added on 15-Jun-2001

According to OK! magazine the new version of WATC will be released as a single in the UKAfter mentioning Robbie's upcoming solo singles the June 8th copy of the magazine read "Robbie will also soon be releasing his special version of the song We Are The Champions, which he's recorded with members of the rock group Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor. The single is featured on the soundtrack of the new movie A Knight's Tale and will hit the charts here at the same time as the film is released in UK cinemas. Both the film and the single have already been released in America. In the video for the new track, Robbie appears as the knight 'Sir Robbie', complete with a full suit of armor."

I believe it is important that fans in the UK should write to the Fan Club and express their wishes that Brian and Roger should be included in the video as the US release excludes them.

Submitted by: Daz85

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