News > Complete Queen Anthology Comes Within Next 24 Months, says John Stuart

Added on 11-Mar-2005

Long time Queen collector and journalist John Stuart wrote on Queenzone that the idea of a Box Set was dismissed in favour of an album by album anthology. Each album will be remastered and released along with a bonus CD containing unreleased demos and versions for this album. John Stuart: "Over an 18 - 24 month period, (as suggested by the Hollywood roll-on - roll-off model) the complete back catalogue will have been re-released. This also means that the consumer does not need to purchase their least favourite discs, and concentrate on the CD's they would actually like to add to their collection.

For those who CHOOSE to purchase all the discs - an affordable "box and catalogue" will be made available as an extra purchase.


The first release WILL be some time THIS year - "A Night At The Opera" 30th Anniversary special edition (heralded to a great fanfare) - possibly followed by "A Day At The Races".

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