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Added on 13-May-2002

Sorry if this seems a bit muddled or vague - I am very tired...The 17th Queen Fan Club convention has ended after three days of non-stop Queen related partying.

Comments from the general populus was that this convention was the “best-ever”. Having been last year, which was fantastic, I would say that this one somehow managed to be 10-times better!!! It was mayhem.

The convention started on Friday night, with the usual Kareoke. A few people, good sports to be sure, ventured forth to entertain us (with varying degrees of success).

Then at 9:30pm, everyone moved to the main ballroom, for the official welcome. From then on it was Queen disco… Seeing swarms of fanatics “loosing it” to Starfleet and “Man on Fire” is a site to behold. Perhaps one of the more entertaining points of the night is when “Breakthru” is played, the more energetic fans form a conga line. I and Gerry (KiwiQueenFan) joined in every night…

Eventually, after much clapping shouting and dancing, at about 1am the disco ended. People mulled around a bit taking in a few drinks, talking etc.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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