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Added on 13-May-2002

Saturday: I guess most of the daytime was filled up with various “activities” – videos, snooker comp, etc. The first “event” of the day was the charity auction. Various items were sold, including an award given to Freddie by a Japanese music magazine in 1976 for being “best male vocalist”. Some people either have lots of money, or a really serious obsession…

Miracle the Dutch cover band were the band for the night. To say that they were the best Queen cover band I have ever seen would not do them justice. They were simply amazing. They did the “Prophet’s Song” for god’s sake. The crowd went nuts from beginning to end. They don’t dress up and try and be Queen, they just play Queen songs as themselves, which I think appeals to the more hard-core fan. I hope that they become the convention band every year!!!

After Miracle finally left the stage, the disco continued. Everyone was really fired up and dancing and drinking were the order of the day. I spoke to a Pontins staff member and he said that it was the best weekend of the year. The one he didn’t mind not having much sleep on.

The bar stayed open until about 2:30am – 3:00am, after which the partied continued back at people’s chalet’s.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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