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Added on 13-May-2002

Sunday I started the day with the Live in Houston video. It started at 10:15am so there weren’t that many people there. It is a fantastic concert, professionally shot on real film (not video). The band was in perfect form, and it is would be an absolute tragedy if it is not released. It is the best Queen concert I have ever seen on video (the actual display was in black and white, due to a problem converting from NTSC to PAL, so that just proves how good it must be).

I then went to listed to the DVD-Audio of “A Night at the Opera”. It was pretty good, giving you a more immersive effect. A lot of the time, you aren’t really all that aware of the surround effect as such, however, there are times when various tracks are explicitly split into the different speakers. I think that the “Prophet’s Song” was the best example. As far as sound quality goes, there does seem to be more definition. Many people commented that they heard things they haven’t heard before.

Greg Brooks came in and talked for about an hours and played some rare tracks for the crowd. In introducing Silver Salmon, Tim Staffell walked on stage. Tim originally wrote the song, and gave us a few insites into it.

After Greg Brooks, Tim Staffell and his band came onto the stage. They played a funky version of “Doin’ Alright”, “Earth” and a number of songs from their upcoming album.

The band of the night were Mercury UK. They had pretty big shoes to fill, with Miracle going down so well. They were also joined by Jeff Scott Socia (?) – who revved up the crowed no-end with his American enthusiasm.

Yet again, the party was really pumping. After the band, the disco started. Again, it was extra long. It was supposed to end at 1:00 am according to the program, but it went for much longer.

The party then moved to chalet’s. I went to 379, aptly reffered as the United Nations (lots of people from different countries). After a while more Queen, I staggered back to my chalet, and fell asleep rather quickly (aka passed out…)

I apologise if this all is a bit muddled, but I am really tired, but at least wanted to give a little bit of perspective on the convention. I think that every Queen fan should go at least once. I have travelled from Australia for two years now, and I think I am going next year aswell. If you haven’t been you should certainly give it some thought!!! You will have a great time.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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