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Added on 05-Mar-2005

Cool! Queen Rockumentary on Yahoo Music Launch Website----On the Yahoo Music Launch Website is a wonderful documentary on Queen that traces their entire career up to 1991, when Queen signed with Hollywood Records, in the United States.---Hollywood Records produced and has a wonderful documentary on the website called a Queen Rockumentary, about 10 minutes long that within 10 minutes literally encapsulates their Biography, music (recorded and performed live) catalog, electric dynamics of the band, their changing musical directions and virtuosity through the years, the magnificance of their live performances, their personalities, each member's essential input to the band's artistic direction, interviews with the band, humorous, informative, and insightful anecdotes from the band, their pantheon performances at Live Aid, Knebworth, Top Of The Pops, etc.--

--There are also about a dozen great videos by Queen on the same website.---

P.S. Dont forget to rate the Rockumentary and all the Queen videos on the website to assist Yahoo in knowing that you support Queen!

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