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Courier-Journal,Louisville, Kentucky Review Of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen''Here's a nice review of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen'' from The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky USA, that also discusses the Queen+Paul Rodgers 2 USA gigs, the Queen+Paul Rodgers live Sheffield single, and all things Queen this summer.

New tribute CD adds to the Summer of Queen

''Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen''

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett

The Courier-Journal

''Queen singer Freddie Mercury died nearly 15 years ago, and everyone rightly assumed that the band had died with him -- but somehow this has become the Summer of Queen.''

''Queen's reunion tour, with former Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers on vocals, sold out 32 arenas in Europe. A handful of United States dates and a stadium tour of Japan are expected to follow suit.''

''A single with the new lineup has just been released, featuring ''Reaching Out,'' ''Tie Your Mother Down'' and ''Fat Bottomed Girls.'' It was recorded live at Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England.''

''And now we have ''Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen,'' starring Los Lobos, Joss Stone, Flaming Lips, Sum 41, Gavin DeGraw and Be Your Own Pet, the teen punk band from Nashville.''

''Highlights include the Flaming Lips' ''Bohemian Rhapsody,'' the skateboard-influenced ''Bicycle Race'' from Be Your Own Pet and Los Lobos' ''Sleepin' on the Sidewalk,'' which sounds as if it were filtered through the Beatles' ''Revolver.''

''Regrets? There are a few. DeGraw's limp R&B stylings destroy ''We Are the Champions'' and there's a special place in hell for the person who convinced Stone (''Under Pressure'') that her over-the-top shouting is soulful. Jason Mraz tries to imitate Mercury on ''Good Old Fashioned Loverboy,'' which is as pointless as it is annoying.''


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