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Darkness Official Site Studio Photos/Diary Roy Thomas Baker/Freddie Mercury's BoRhap Piano!The Darkness's Official Website has a studio diary about the making of their new album with TONS, TONS, TONS of PHOTOS of Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker, of the piano that Freddie Mercury played the studio recording of BoRhap on, and anecdotes about working with Roy, including quote:

''Speaking of which, the rumours are true, Justin is using the piano that Freddie Mercury played on Bohemian Rhapsody. Producer Roy Thomas Baker's Bösendorfer apparently still sports stains where Freddie spilt a glass of red wine into it.''

Be sure to click on the link that is the source below for TONS of photos of Justin Hawking playing the SAME piano that Freddie Mercury played the recording of BoRhap on, and of Roy Thomas Baker in the studio with The Darkness!!!!!

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''The Darkness have now decamped to a recording studio in the heart of London's West End where Dan Hawkins will be putting the finishing touches to his guitars and Justin Hawkins will be recording his vocals and guitar solos. The move went well – the Star Wars pinball table came too! Justin has recorded guide vocals so that incomplete tracks can be sent to the strings arranger for orchestratration. Yes, you heard me right – strings. Paul Buckmaster is perhaps best known for his work with Elton John but has in fact made notable contributions to hundreds of albums by dozens of major artists, not least among them Miles Davis and The Rolling Stones. Justin has some strong ideas about the strings and he and brother Dan are helping Buckmaster to ''shape'' the orchestral content of the album.

''Justin is also consulting a vocal coach to ensure his 'chords are in tip-top condition before he is committed to tape. Two months have been allocated for this part of the process and then the album must be mixed and mastered, a single chosen, videos made and title and artwork decided. Nonetheless that autumn release date that's been bandied about in the press is still looking good.''

''The album will not be delayed by bassist Francis Poullain's departure as he had elected to perform his parts last. All bands work in different ways and The Darkness preferred to record their parts for this album individually with producer Roy Thomas Baker. Francis had yet to participate in the recording of the album when his exit from the band was announced, so no re-recording of bass parts will be necessary.''

''Justin added: ''We are sorry to see him [Francis] go but musical differences are musical differences. The mood in the camp is optimistic. We are coming to terms with the fact that Francis is no longer in the band.''

''His parts have instead been played by Dan Hawkins.'' ''Recording has already begun, as I write this the very last bass parts are being laid down by Dan. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it. There is some Gibson Thunderbird on English Country Garden – which is sounding great – but mostly various Fender Precisions. The T-Bird is a good-looking guitar and is good for fast, flashy stuff but is not, Dan says, the easiest to play.''

''The songs are not yet complete and they already sound amazing. When I walked into the studio I was serenaded by the sitar-guitar sounds of The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones. The boys have tracked down the same very rare model made famous by the hugely talented multi-instrumentalist. No sooner was it sent to the studio than Justin had taught himself how to play it and promptly reeled off a massive solo!''

''Love Is Only A Feeling used 13 acoustic guitars to achieve its trademark bouzouki sound, something Dan was justly proud of, but one song on the new album sets a new high of fifteen. Yet another is said to feature 120 individual guitar parts, and that's before Justin added his twelve solos! Everything has been recorded in anologue, and it's not altogether surprising that the band have had to hire in a fourth tape machine. So far they've gone through 48 reels of tape

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