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Added on 10-Nov-2002

Dutch Radiochannel "Radio 2" has since several years an all time Top 2000 single Chart at the end of the year. Like in other Dutch

Charts this Chart also has BoRap in No.1 position, in this case since the

Chart was introduced!

DJ Frits Spits has stirred things a lot recently when he requested on his

website NOT to vote for BoRap but other singles, "to get a different setlist because it's boring always having the same songs high in the charts"! He also added a voting

on the website where people could choose between Yes or No for BoRap on No.1

A LOT of protest immediately arose! The guestbook of the Radio 2 website got filled with messages from protesting Queen fans and other listeners, and 1 Dutch Queen fan even

copied Frits's website and changed the name Queen into "Frits Spits" and

changed the voting into a Yes or No for replacing Frits on Radio 2!

Frits saw the humor of it and placed a link to it on his website! He invited

Hannie Roggeveen who runs the Dutch Fanclub to be in his programme and she stated clearly that what he was doing was absurd!

The end result was that on the question "Should BoRap be No.1 this year again?" 69% said Yes!!!

On the other question on the website of Dutch Queen Fan Casper Albers :

"Should Frits Spits be replaced on Radio2 ?" 71% said Yes!

Shortly Frits has changed his website, he says he's sorry and agrees with

the listeners that the democratic voting for the Top 2000 chart should not be influenced by others!

Also he states that he never intended to put down the beauty of a

"Cathedral" type of a song

like BoRap. (edt: still, it remeains a VERY stupid action of this DJ! :-) )

Editor: so... things have calmed down again and it proves 1 more time: BORAP

is THE No.1 song

of the Dutch Radio public and it will problably stay that way for a long

time to come!!!


a personal report after recent events in the Netherlands

by Freddie van ter Beek

Submitted by: proton

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