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Added on 12-Jan-2006

A group of dedicated fans are running the Aussie Queens campaign, with a petition for the current Q+PR tour to come to Australia and New Zealand. Latest developments include radio support on Rock Radio in NZ, and affilition with the Portuguese Fan Club!The campaign, which has been running for the last few months, has attracted the attention of the Queen Management.

Now the petition need less than 170 signatures and it can be officially submitted!

The latest breakthrough for the campaign has been the support of national radio station Rock Radio in New Zealand, who are mentioning Aussie Queens on their show.

Aussie Queens is also now affiliated with the Portuguese Fan Club too (thanks Lino).

Come on Queen and Paul Rodgers fans - now is your chance to help out and support fellow fans and maybe have the chance to see the best rock show in the world downunder!!

Please visit the site and have a look at our new sponsors and sign up, if you haven't already!

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